Looking for Sheet Vinyl? Why not EarthScapes?

Often, when a customer walks into our showroom looking for sheet flooring, they want something that is durable, comfortable to stand on, that’s reasonably in tune with what it was modeled after, and looks elegant in their space.  When faced with this set of flooring requirements, I like to recommend the EarthScapes line of product.

This sheet flooring is an excellent choice for any room containing moisture and advanced traffic such as where children play, or where pets roam.  It’s recommended for any area where water, moisture or humidity become an issue as water cannot destroy it.

You’re probably thinking, “I see what you’re saying, but how does it apply to me?”  Let’s walk through it… Typically, sheet vinyl flooring comes in two distinct types; felt-back vinyl and glass-back vinyl.

Felt-back vinyl is composed through a process similar to that of the composition of paper.  Several ply of fibrous material are set together and form-pressed to form the finished product, resulting in a vinyl sheet floor that is harder in form, lighter in weight and has slightly more sheen to it.  The sheets should not be bent drastically, as this could impact the durability of the floor at the point of the bend.  This product is durable against traffic, however there are more stable forms of vinyl sheet flooring, should water get beneath the surface.

Glass-back vinyl is composed by applying heat and pressure to vinyl and fiberglass. The end result is a vinyl sheet flooring that is less hard, thus easier on the joints, and more comfortable to stand on. This product is easier to move around in tighter builds, as the risk of damaging it by bending it is eliminated.  This version of vinyl sheet flooring is much more resistant to water than felt-back vinyl, however it maybe more likely to indent over time.

This brings us back to EarthScapes.  Through a proprietary process, the EarthScapes brand brings together high quality vinyl polymers with fiberglass elements, as well as aluminum oxide wear layers for added surface protection and anti-microbial agents to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria on or under the product.

The added comfort, resistance and style choices make this product an ideal solution for the elderly, people who have young children or people with pets.

Children drag their toys across the floor and scamper around, and fall over; the dog or cat roams the house, claws tapping away on your hardwood, or getting tangled up in your carpet, either wrecking your floor or risking injury to their paws.

EarthScapes is resistant to wear, and comfy to get around on.  If your loved ones fall on an EarthScapes floor, it’s much less of an impact than falling on hardwood or ceramic.

Should the cat miss the sandbox, and you clean it up a few hours later because you weren’t home, don’t worry; EarthScapes is anti-microbial, it won’t absorb things, and mold and bacteria won’t grow on it or under it.

Afraid your dog will turn your hardwood into what looks like the center ice at half-time with those claws of his?  The product’s wear layer will keep your floor looking great.

Additionally, this product is covered by our *Beautiful Guarantee; so remember, when you’re looking for a sheet vinyl flooring solution… why not EarthScapes?


Adura and Invincible luxury vinyl tile flooring in Mississauga and Toronto

In walking through our Mississauga showroom this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the tried and true LVT flooring installed just beyond the entryway of our storefront.  I’ve got an interesting story about this floor in particular.  Takes me back a couple of years.

There’s a pillar in the hardwood section of our showroom has a water pipe inside it.  A few years back, we’d gone home for the evening. looking forward to a 4-day long weekend.  Unfortunately, there was a staggering amount of rain coming down that weekend.  Somehow, the pipe sprung a leak, and this resulted in the entire front showroom being flooded under 2 inches of water over a 3 day span.

Now, as you might know, excessive amounts of water tends to do a number of undesirable things to floors. It destroys wood, and laminate indiscriminately of quality and type if there is prolonged exposure;  it dissolves adhesives, eats away at some backings and fibers; in some instances, it can even weaken the mix used to put down ceramic.

That said, some of our floors needed replacing.  It was bittersweet, saying goodbye to our older show-floors, and ushering in a new look for our showroom, with vibrant new styles and colors.

That said, the above-mentioned luxury vinyl tile survived this event.

Worried about the dangers of standing water?  Look no further.  If you’re looking to refresh the look of your kitchen, basement, laundry room, foyer, or any room where moisture, standing water, or wet traffic are of any concern, I definitely recommend one of our luxury vinyl tile floors.

They come in two formats: glue-down or click-system based.  “But which one should I use?”  you say?  It all comes down to preference. Some people like to glue it down, to have the peace of mind that it wont budge when moving that new 2 ton safe in your office over it.  Others enjoy the luxury of being able to unclick and replace individual boards in the rare scenario where grandma’s making her famous omelete, and drops a searing hot frying-pan  on your brand new floor.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a new LVT floor, we’re here for you. :)


Stradwicks Carpet One Flooring based out of Mississauga and serving the GTA

We’ve been silent for quite some time now, but we’re back in the full swing of things with our new after-hours appointment booking and even better prices on all the top trends. Feel free to visit and take a look at our great selection of quality flooring, located in our Mississauga Flooring Showroom at 4500 Dixie Road, Dixie and Eglinton!

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