Adura and Invincible luxury vinyl tile flooring in Mississauga and Toronto

In walking through our Mississauga showroom this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the tried and true LVT flooring installed just beyond the entryway of our storefront.  I’ve got an interesting story about this floor in particular.  Takes me back a couple of years.

There’s a pillar in the hardwood section of our showroom has a water pipe inside it.  A few years back, we’d gone home for the evening. looking forward to a 4-day long weekend.  Unfortunately, there was a staggering amount of rain coming down that weekend.  Somehow, the pipe sprung a leak, and this resulted in the entire front showroom being flooded under 2 inches of water over a 3 day span.

Now, as you might know, excessive amounts of water tends to do a number of undesirable things to floors. It destroys wood, and laminate indiscriminately of quality and type if there is prolonged exposure;  it dissolves adhesives, eats away at some backings and fibers; in some instances, it can even weaken the mix used to put down ceramic.

That said, some of our floors needed replacing.  It was bittersweet, saying goodbye to our older show-floors, and ushering in a new look for our showroom, with vibrant new styles and colors.

That said, the above-mentioned luxury vinyl tile survived this event.

Worried about the dangers of standing water?  Look no further.  If you’re looking to refresh the look of your kitchen, basement, laundry room, foyer, or any room where moisture, standing water, or wet traffic are of any concern, I definitely recommend one of our luxury vinyl tile floors.

They come in two formats: glue-down or click-system based.  “But which one should I use?”  you say?  It all comes down to preference. Some people like to glue it down, to have the peace of mind that it wont budge when moving that new 2 ton safe in your office over it.  Others enjoy the luxury of being able to unclick and replace individual boards in the rare scenario where grandma’s making her famous omelete, and drops a searing hot frying-pan  on your brand new floor.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a new LVT floor, we’re here for you. :)


Recognize the common misconceptions in laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has come a long way since it’s advent in the 1970s.  It’s stronger, better assembled, can withstand more surface-wear due to the use of multiple protective layers, and is much more of a true rendition of the product it’s meant to look like.

That said, there are different aspects of laminate which can be misinterpreted or misrepresented.  You’re probably thinking, “How do you mean? Flooring can’t tell lies.”  You’re absolutely right.  With laminate, what you see is what you get.  However, looking over the product carefully, and understanding what it is you’re seeing is a whole different ballgame.

Let’s take into consideration, the thickness of the product.  If you walk into our Mississauga flooring showroom and tell our staff you’re looking for laminate, they won’t come back at you with a 20mm laminate flooring display, sitting next to the hardwood section.  The reason for this is that laminate flooring is in no way comparable to hardwood; in some higher quality instances, appearance may be similar but it’s never up to par with wood. When you’re being shown an exorbitantly thick laminate that’s strategically been placed next to a hardwood display with similar thickness, this can be misleading and even confusing to a first-time or relatively new flooring buyer.  Let’s find out why.


Due to the nature of laminate, ranging types and qualities of laminate flooring can be found at price ranges as low as $0.99 up to $7.50 a square foot.  “Why would I pay 6.00 a square foot for something thin, when I could get something 20mm thick for a few pennies a square foot?” you say.  That’s an excellent question.  The answer is quality.  The follow-up is functionality.  Let’s examine it further.

The thickness of hardwood flooring is an important factor in the selection process, because with engineered or solid  hardwood, thickness often determines quality, durability, how well it holds up against joint wear, and the amount of times it can be sanded and refinished to change the color, bring it back to looking new or to remove surface damage caused by things like dragging your desk over it, or your Great Dane burning out and running when it hears you pouring out the kibble.

With Laminate flooring, thickness is not something that should influence thoughts as to quality, price, or preference.  At its core, laminate flooring is made up of plastics, sawdust, and adhesive that are form-pressed together. A picture is then laminated over top of this press-board base, and a protective layer is added over top so that it’s harder to damage the picture.  Why buy a thick laminate? There is absolutely no benefit in sanding it like one does with hardwood.  Sanding laminate flooring would just ruin it.  No one wants that.

Click systems are the most important component of the laminate.  A poor click system can cause immediate problems for you in your home.  Traffic, climate, even installation can split an inferior quality laminate’s click system.  When a floor is meant to fit or click together like all laminates are, wouldn’t you want a click-system that can do what it’s meant to? Provide a solid bond between the  laminate floorboards without any glue, and enhance the feel and longevity of your floor?  Be wary of click systems that look swollen, or papery.  If you have the chance, try and apply firm yet gentle pressure to the sample you’re being shown.  See if the tongue and groove can withstand it, or if they give way or crumbles fairly easily.  Stay away from click systems that can be easily broken apart with your fingertips.  Remember, you and your family, their friends, the family dog and big old Uncle Bob will be walking on this floor at some point, and that could produce more stress on the click system than the force of a few fingertips.  A good quality laminate click system is important.


When you’re paying $3.75 for a quality Carpet One Laminate, you’re getting a product that’s crafted in Europe.  Austria, to be exact.  Laminate with an E0 or E1 rating: a rating system that boasts safe materials are used to craft it, and that it will not off-gas into toxins. This makes it safe for preschools, nurseries, living spaces for the very young, or the elderly.  You may not be paying $0.99 cents, but you’re getting a product that has a quality click-lock system that won’t easily crack with traffic, a pattern that makes sense, and boards that will not gap or degrade within a short period of time like some of the $0.99 cent product out there.  You’re paying for more good material; plastics, oxide wear-layers, and on some of our lines, things like anti-microbial substrates.

Come to our Mississauga flooring showroom and ask for laminate; we’ll show you excellent products held to high standards, to suit exactly what your needs are.  Why?  We’re proud of the work we do.  We don’t carry product we can’t stand behind and install with pride.

You demand quality; We are happy to oblige.



Toronto Flood 2013

Good day,

In response to the huge number of properties affected by the flood, call volume and inquiries,  I’ll offer some information here on our blog.  While we don’t offer disaster recovery service, we do have some types of flooring in stock.  We’d be happy to provide flooring and service to remove damaged floors and replace them with new, dry flooring that won’t grow mold, or de-laminate.  Feel free to get in touch with us at 905-624-4181 to book a free damage assessment; we’d be happy to help you resolve the situation as efficiently as possible, as we understand how inconvenient and destructive a flood can be on your floors and  home.

We understand schedules in a flood situation are often hard to co-ordinate, so if you need an after-hours appointment, please call 416-200-6767, and we’re happy to try to meet with you between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM during the week.

Key differences between ceramic tile and porcelain tile

Tile is an excellent choice for areas where excess traffic is a factor; it also is a product that in most instances, will not wear easily when exposed to standing water.  That said, how do we determine which product is right for you?  Well, let’s take a look at the fundamental differences of each; that will make the selection process much easier.

Ceramic is typically less durable than porcelain but with a huge variety of patterns and colors.  The process by which it’s made consists of taking clay, creating the product and using a kiln oven at lower temperatures.  The product is finished with a glaze-coat which usually consists of the color and material finish which renders the look of the finished product.  Chipping ceramic usually reveals the color of the tile itself, in place of the glaze-color.

Porcelain is a very durable product.  Denser than ceramic, elegant, in a wide variety of colorations, and typically the same throughout, the process by which it is made calls for temperatures up and around 1300 degrees F.  This makes for a product with very little if any water permeability, which is in many cases, frost resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Chipping a porcelain tile usually isn’t obvious like with ceramic, as typically, porcelain is the same coloration throughout.

Both are excellent choices when it comes to refreshing the look of your home, however, if you’re looking for a product that stands up to extreme traffic, or could be used outdoors, porcelain is definitely the way to go.

Carpet, Hardwood, Tile.. Tell me, Mississauga, what’s in a name?

Recently, we’ve gotten more and more people coming into our Mississauga Showroom who’ve shared with us that, in all honesty, they had no idea that we (or any other Carpet One store) provided anything more than Carpet and were pleasantly surprised to walk in and find such a great selection of floor coverings.

With a name like Carpet One, we often surprise people in that we do every possible and imaginable type of flooring on the market and not just carpet.  Anything and Everything; we do it really well too.  Porcelain,  stone,  ceramic,  glass,  rubber,  vinyl,  cork,  bamboo, hardwood, leather,  custom area rugs with logos or patterns. You name it, we’ve either got it, or can look into it.

So please remember.  Carpet One is just our name and brand.  Contrary to popular belief, we’re more flooring super-stores than a mere carpet-only shop. ;)

App in the works..

We at Carpet One GTA in Mississauga may soon be releasing an App geared towards providing you relevant information on flooring, image gallery of our projects, easy to use ticket system, full of advice and with the capability to get you the best possible price.  Just something to watch out for, in the near future.

That said, we’re open to suggestions.  What would you like to see in a flooring app?  What would you benefit from?  Let’s see if we can’t accomodate.

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below and we may just surprise you by implementing them.

It’s warm. It’s non-slip. It’s DuraCeramic Tile and we have it in our Mississauga Showroom

Some people claim that vinyl will never come close to ceramic.  Others argue that you can make vinyl look like anything.  Why not agree to disagree, and merge elements of both products together, into a product that’s durable, looks great, isn’t quite as cold under foot as ceramic and won’t send you gliding down the hallway if you suddenly come to a stop on it from a high rate of speed.

That’s exactly what DuraCeramic has done with their innovative hybrid tiles.  The end result is a floor that’s comfortable, looks great, is easy to stand and walk on, while retaining excellent durability.  If you’re looking for a quiet product, look no further.  Sound dampening properties are also a part of DuraCeramic tile.

DuraCeramic can be installed with or without grout.  There is a sealer and adhesive used for groutless application.  Both installation choices look excellent and it is really a matter of preference which one to use.  In a variety of colors and shades, this product is sure to breathe new life into any dated room you choose to renovate with it.

Not sure about DuraCeramic tile?  Come see us; we’d love the opportunity to show you what it’s all about.



Leather flooring for your new Mississauga home, office or condo

Here’s a thought; THOUSANDS of leather jackets, accessories, gloves, bags, car seats and accessories go unsold each year.  Instead of  burning, shredding or throwing out their unsold product, a select group of companies have partnered up with innovators in the flooring industry and found alternate, more eco-friendly means to repurpose the merchandise.

Torlys flooring, with a Toronto based distribution center, is one such company involved.  The Torlys brand acquires the unwanted leather goods, and processes them in an eco-friendly way, applying pressure, heat, grinding it down, and form-pressing the product into chic-looking flooring.

You’re surely thinking, “That’s all good and well for the companies selling off their otherwise unsold leather, but how is that eco-friendly?” and that’s an excellent question.  Let’s examine the situation.

Typically, leather is made by curing cow or sheep hide.  The inedible hide is made into leather clothing and accessories.  The finished leather products cannot efficiently be taken apart and remade into new coats, bags and accessories, even though they may not all sell. Even so, the need for new styles of clothing and accessories made in leather by the fashion industry never really slows down.

This is where the eco-friendliness of this process and the product it yields become more evident.  Rather than exhausting more cow or sheep hide to make luxurious leather flooring, all the unwanted clothes, footwear, and accessories are processed in a way that respects the environment and then repurposed into the flooring.  This ensures that less leather is wasted, less animals are taken for their hides, and thus, less of a carbon footprint is produced by industry.

Torlys process outlines how as a company, they care about the environment.  Their leather flooring comes in both elegant planks and tiles.  The patterns range in everything from snake-scale to crocodilian, to rhino look. They can be used as flooring, pattern design pieces, or even wall accent.  There is an aluminum oxide wear layer over top of the product, to enhance durability.  Comparably priced with hardwood, and extremely versatile as a floor for your home, professional offices or luxury condo, this is one product you’ll definitely want to visit our Mississauga flooring showroom to check out!


Relax, It’s Lee’s Carpet. ; )

Nothing beautifies a home with comfort like a Lee’s carpet.  Be it in the form of an area rug, or as the actual floor-covering, Lee’s carpet has so many colors, patterns to choose from, with such superior comfort and wear, you’ll want to redo your living-space in it.

Unlike conventional carpeting, “Relax, It’s Lee’s” creates their product through an intricate process by which fibers are imbued with a protective agent, and woven into the soft yet durable fibers that make up the finished product.  Lee’s boasts fantastic wear, fade and stain resistance, making for a robust carpet; all this without sacrificing any comfort and warmth.

Lee’s is so confident in their carpet that they offer a “No Exclusions Ultra 25” Stain warranty. What that means it that the carpet can withstand so much more than a normal carpet. Pet stains, grease, mustard, coffee, cola and more; pretty much anything organic or that you can eat is not something you should worry about.

Some stores periodically run a demo whereby they will put Lee’s up against a competing brand and douse both in things like wine, coffee and even bleach, and Lee’s comes out of it looking spectacular.

Backed by our ultimate warranty, the Beautiful Guarantee, Lee’s offers the ultimate in carpeted peace of mind.  Why wait?  Visit us for some Lee’s today!