Carpet, Hardwood, Tile.. Tell me, Mississauga, what’s in a name?

Recently, we’ve gotten more and more people coming into our Mississauga Showroom who’ve shared with us that, in all honesty, they had no idea that we (or any other Carpet One store) provided anything more than Carpet and were pleasantly surprised to walk in and find such a great selection of floor coverings.

With a name like Carpet One, we often surprise people in that we do every possible and imaginable type of flooring on the market and not just carpet.  Anything and Everything; we do it really well too.  Porcelain,  stone,  ceramic,  glass,  rubber,  vinyl,  cork,  bamboo, hardwood, leather,  custom area rugs with logos or patterns. You name it, we’ve either got it, or can look into it.

So please remember.  Carpet One is just our name and brand.  Contrary to popular belief, we’re more flooring super-stores than a mere carpet-only shop. ;)

2 thoughts on “Carpet, Hardwood, Tile.. Tell me, Mississauga, what’s in a name?”

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